Model MT43P21-ABS Air Blast System (ABS)

The ABS (Air Blast System) combines the convenience of conventional mobile deicing applications with Forced Air Technology to provide the best of both worlds. Often times 60 gpm of 180 degree F fluid is needed to remove snow and ice from the surface of your aircraft in a timely fashion. Other times compressed air can dramatically reduce the amount of glycol needed by mechanically sweeping the loose accumulation from the surface. Combining the benefits of ABS with the unparalleled convenience of "Express Heat" affords you the fastest mobile deicing process in the world.

ABS integrates 1300 cfm. of 700 mph compressed air with 60 gpm of 180 degree F fluid at 150 psi. quickly and efficiently preparing your aircraft for departure. Utilizing just fluid, air and fluid, or just air allows the operator to evaluate the circumstances, consider time and ambient conditions, and precisely accomplish the deicing operation in the shortest amount of time while still deploying 65% less glycol than straight conventional deicing.

Finally, Premier continues to set the standard in support with a 3 year parts and labor warranty on the entire vehicle. Dependability, efficiency, and simplicity all add up to one thing: Increased profitability and reduced cost of operation. Premiers dedication and commitment to quality is for the satisfaction of you and your customers.


  • Chassis - Commercially Manufactured with  Allison Automatic Transmission and Diesel Engine, Hydraulic Brakes, Torsion Bar Stabilization, 1250 Watt Block Heater, Overhead Window with Dual Wipers.
  • Aerial Lift - Versalift VST 4000 With 45' Working Height, 370 Degrees Non-Continuous Rotation, Full Hydraulic Controls, 12 Volt Over Hydraulic Ground Controls Cab Mounted, Self Leveling Basket, 300 lb Basket Capacity, Three Sealed Beam Hella Basket Work-lights, Digital Lift Controls Utilizing CAN Software.
  • Auxiliary Power - Perkins 6 Cylinder 1106 DT Diesel Engine Direct Coupled to a Durst Splitter, 1250 Watt Block, Safety Shut-down System Including Low Oil, Over Temp and Low Charge. Jet-A and Diesel Compatible.
  • Air Source - Turbine Compressor Mounted at the Base of the Aerial Lift thus Reducing Noise Pollution In Operators Basket.Fluid Pump Anti-Ice - Hardi Diaphragm Positive Displacement Fluid Pump Hydraulically Driven with 22 GPM @ 50 PSI, Task Force Tips Dispensing Gun at Basket, Suction Fill Capable.
  • Fluid Pump Deice - Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump with 10-60 GPM Fluid Delivery at 150 PSI, Stainless Steel Impellers, Coupled to 15 HP Electric Motor, 1 ½” Line Strainer, Low Fluid Shutdown System.
  • Heating System - (3) 1.4 Million BTU Single Pass Heaters, Jet-A or Diesel Fired, Each Heater Operating Independently, 190' of 1" Black Iron Pipe Per Coil.
  • Fluid Storage Tanks - 1800 Gallon (6800 L) Deice, 300 Gallon (1130 L) Anti-Ice, TIG Welded Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Additional Features - David Clark Communications System, In Cab Deice Controls, Digital Fluid Temperature Gauge, Premier Easy Access Cabinetry, 10 lb Hand Held Fire Extinguisher, Power Rewind Hose Reel with 100' of 5/8" Hose and Strahman Delivery Gun.
  • Amber Rotating Beacon.
  • 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
  • Technical and Operational Manuals.


  • Enclosed Operators Work Station.

  • "Guardian Angel" Monitoring System - System Diagnostics Including Remote Access of 29 Functions, Remote Error Notification, Operation Event History.

  • Deice Suction Fill - 100 GPM Suction Fill/Roll Over System for Filling and Mixing Deice Fluid.

  • Flow Meters - Several Options to Choose From.

  • On Board Blending System - Glycol/Water.

  • Single Person Drive From Lift Basket.

  • Stainless Steel Fluid Storage Tanks.

  • Multiple Tank Configurations.

  • Increased Fluid Pump Flow Rates.

  • Aerial Lift with 46' Working Height.

  • Low Fuel / Fluid Shutdowns with Indicator.

  • Chassis Speed Control  - Limits Speed of Chassis to 4 MPH when Boom is out of Stowed Position.

  • Overhead Washer Kit.

  • Ansul - Manual/Automatic Fire System.

  • Heater Over Temperature Lock-Out.

  • Immersion Heaters

  • Fuel Tank Heaters

  • Fluid Tank Insulation

  • Basket Auto Dock

  • Chassis - Per Customer Request.

  • Auxiliary Engine - Per Customer Request.

  • Other Options - Available Upon Request.